Waterproofing Civil Concrete Infrastructure?

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Of course, concrete will withstand water exposure. After all, concrete’s innate durability is one of the reasons the material is used so extensively in construction.
This includes exposed civil infrastructure such as bridges, wharves, and transport elements.

Having said that, we need to remember that concrete is porous, despite the best efforts of industry development, and moisture vapour can enter it.

We’d like to point to the impact of moisture on concrete longevity.

Moisture and moisture vapour carry contaminants – reactive chloride, nitrate and sulphide ions, for example – which encourage premature deterioration of the concrete and the reinforcing steel.

Once early deterioration has commenced, cracking will worsen, providing increased avenues for moisture entrance into the structure.

A cycle of deterioration sets in, and the structure’s service life is reduced.

Hence the need for waterproofing treatment. Protecting the concrete is not optional.


Glebe Island
Glebe Island No 1 Wharf undergoing treatment with the CIVIL-TECT system.


MARKHAM recommends waterproofing with penetrating hydrogel treatments.

Hydrogel treatments IMMOBILISE moisture. This means moisture doesn’t enter, and moisture doesn’t move around. It also means the existing moisture stays, as a hydrogel, within the matrix of the concrete. This is part of the CIVIL-TECT system, tailored around whatever particular civil infrastructure project is at hand.

Concrete waterproofing hydrogel treatments are ideal for exposed concrete structures, protecting against the demands of the environment and also against contaminants that may be brought by traffic and loads in the course of the structure’s usage.


Concrete protectionMarkham adding life to concrete

For NEW concrete infrastructure, consider a waterproofing ADMIXTURE – protect the concrete from day one!

For EXISTING decks, for proactive maintenance and to arrest premature deterioration, SPRAY-APPLIED hydrogels can play a vital role.

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