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We’re here to help essential agriculture!

Looking for ways to protect your team, your equipment, and your customers?

As the current health crisis evolves around the globe, the Markham team can play a part in keeping you and your team safe. In response...

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Acid and Effluent Attack!

Are your concrete structures protected to reduce corrosion?

Of course, you care for your animals. What about the structures where they’re fed and housed? Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a...

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Biological Hazards!

How to protect concrete from harsh environmental attacks?

Concrete is a very versatile construction material, and as a result, is used in almost every working environment. What happens when the environment isn’t healthy...

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Did you know…?

AQURON 2000 Medi+ has many uses!

AQURON 2000 Medi+, designed to protect aged care floor slabs from contamination, has been increasingly popular in the industry. And for good reason! Markham adding...

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