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AQURON 2000 Medi+ has many uses!

AQURON 2000 Medi+, designed to protect aged care floor slabs from contamination, has been increasingly popular in the industry. And for good reason!
Markham adding life to concrete
AQURON 2000 Medi+:

  • Has minimal disruption to the construction process
  • Never needs re-coating
  • Can also replace the curing compound
  • Can also replace the moisture barrier under floor coverings

In other words, by replacing multiple products, it can save money as well as effectively doing its intended task.


But there’s more – there’s much, much more!

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This same technology is equally effective across the healthcare spectrum – hospitals, clinics, and day therapy centres.
Markham adding life to concrete
It’s also ideal for protecting concrete floor slabs in laboratories or food preparation zones.
Markham adding life to concrete
And don’t forget your furry friends – AQURON 2000 Medi+ can be used for kennels, stables, and animal shelters, to prevent contamination and deterioration of the concrete floors.
Markham adding life to concrete
This is an extremely practical, useful and versatile treatment. Isn’t it a pity it disappears into the concrete and you never see it again?
Markham adding life to concrete
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