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Metro tunnels - preventing concrete carbonation

Metro tunnels – How to prevent Concrete Carbonation

A concrete deterioration mechanism.

If I was stationed in a cold, dark tunnel, with trains regularly hurtling past shaking the surroundings and pounding my heart into my throat, I...

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Concrete Maintenance

Enhancing Durability for Highways and Bridges

Maintaining concrete infrastructure, such as highways and bridges, is not only costly but also requires ongoing maintenance to achieve their estimated service life. However, there...

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Northern Hospital multi-level car park Epping

Concrete curing on Car Parks – a Project Manager’s challenges

Does it seem like any curing method comes with a set of problems?

Construction project managers come across varied issues when it comes to concrete construction on multi-story car parks. Curing the concrete in particular can be pressuring...

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Otira Viaduct - under construction in 1999

Out of the Archives: Otira Viaduct

An amazing worksite!

The pylons of the Otira Viaduct of Arthur’s Pass, in the South Island of New Zealand, were treated with AQURON 2000 for water leakage and...

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Waterproofing marine civil concrete infrastructure existing wharf pier rust corrosion staining

Waterproofing Civil Concrete Infrastructure?

Let's talk.

Of course, concrete will withstand water exposure. After all, concrete’s innate durability is one of the reasons the material is used so extensively in construction....

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Waterview Tunnel - Auckland Tunnels waterproofing

Tunnels, Waterproofing, and Closing the Gaps

Concrete isn't the only part of the project that needs waterproofing

It’s an interesting thing – it’s comparatively simple to waterproof concrete itself. What’s not so straightforward is waterproofing air. The air between Specifically, let’s talk...

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Auckland Highway dusk

Highways, Bridges, and Caring for Concrete

Enhance durability and extend service life

It’s Costly to Maintain Concrete Infrastructure If you’re in charge of the care of civil road or bridge infrastructure (or the related repair budget) you’ll...

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Sustainability and Concrete

Is that an oxymoron?

Environmental Bad Boy When it comes to environmental sustainability, concrete gets a bad rap. It is commonly regarded as being environmentally destructive, exacerbated by its...

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Precast early cracking, concrete beams girders casting curing

Precast Early Cracking

Why does this keep happening?

Early cracking in concrete can be defined as developing with in the first 7 days after casting or placement. It’s a common problem, so much...

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Today’s heat – tomorrow’s deterioration?

When you’re pouring concrete in hot conditions – what are the long-term results?

Is faster better? Well, high temperatures do force rapid curing. There’s no doubt everybody wants things sooner than ever before. With increasing time pressure on...

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