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Highways, Bridges, and Caring for Concrete

Enhance durability and extend service life

It’s Costly to Maintain Concrete Infrastructure If you’re in charge of the care of civil road or bridge infrastructure (or the related repair budget) you’ll...

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Sustainability and Concrete

Is that an oxymoron?

Environmental Bad Boy When it comes to environmental sustainability, concrete gets a bad rap. It is commonly regarded as being environmentally destructive, exacerbated by its...

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Precast Early Cracking

Why does this keep happening?

Early cracking in concrete can be defined as developing with in the first 7 days after casting or placement. It’s a common problem, so much...

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Today’s heat – tomorrow’s deterioration?

When you’re pouring concrete in hot conditions – what are the long-term results?

Is faster better? Well, high temperatures do force rapid curing. There’s no doubt everybody wants things sooner than ever before. With increasing time pressure on...

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Waterproofing concrete structures?

Let's talk.

Of course, concrete will withstand water exposure. After all, concrete’s innate durability is one of the reasons the material is used so extensively in construction....

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Special Needs – Concrete Bridges

Effective and economical durability protection for concrete bridges?

IT’S COSTLY TO MAINTAIN A CONCRETE BRIDGE If you’re in charge of the care of a concrete bridge (or the related repair budget) you’ll be...

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5 Reasons to Use…

...concrete hydrogel treatments for civil infrastructure maintenance

If you’re involved in concrete infrastructure maintenance … If you’re under pressure to meet budget constraints and make repairs cost-effective … Read on! HERE ARE...

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Shriieek! Screeech!

Aah... the sound of car tyres on a coated concrete floor!

If you’ve driven into a multi-level car park recently you’ve probably heard the shriek of your vehicle and others, as the tyres rubbed on the...

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Sunshine Coast Bridges 1

Innovation and the Environment – Concrete Maintenance

A recent case study

As you probably know, AQURON penetrating concrete hydrogels are an advanced solution for concrete remediation and durability. AQURON hydrogels penetrate deep into the porosity of...

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15 Reasons to Use AQURON 7000

AQURON 7000 for reinforced concrete

What is the AQURON 7000 system, and why should you use it on reinforced concrete? AQURON 7000 system is a 2-step spray-applied penetrating corrosion protection...

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