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Sustainability is a big picture

So we recently noticed updates to legislation in Queensland, specifically guidelines around the Environmental Protection Act 1994. A new Environmental Code of Practice for the concrete batching industry was issued 19th February 2023, designed to assist industry operators in meeting their general environmental duty.

“The code also outlines the environmental best management practices of leaders in the industry. Under Section 319 of the Environmental Protection Act 1994, all persons in Queensland must fulfil their ‘general environmental duty’. This is defined as follows: ‘A person must not carry out an activity that causes, or is likely to cause, environmental harm unless the person takes all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise the harm’.”
(Section 1)

The crux of this code of practice is summed up as follows:

“The challenge for concrete batching plant operators is to manage the environmental and community risk whilst remaining close to the market.”
(Section 7)

Better environmental responsibility

These provisions are not unique or isolated to Queensland in their intent; they are part of the current movement for better environmental responsibility. The concrete industry stands out as a rather public example for potential high impact, and not just for carbon emissions. The sheer volume of concrete production makes it a high risk for negative impact on the environment and people around its production points. The Queensland Code referred to above demonstrates the broader impacts of concrete production, including dust, potential water contamination, noise impact, and high waste levels.

The bottom line is that ENVIRONMENTAL DUTY will be an increasingly significant factor for the concrete industry moving forward; and this term is a broad one.

How can we help?

Here at MARKHAM we’d like to offer whatever help we can. We’ve had a long history of environmentally safe products, and we’re currently working with ECNZ and GBCA on the next phase of this journey. We can offer you ECNZ-licensed admixtures for waterproofing and rheology enhancement; and a range of post-placement treatments for curing, durability, and shrinkage crack minimization. Our products have been selected for projects in sensitive environments such as over waterways, as they are nil VOC, and overspray does not pose a hazard to people, plants or animals.

Sustainability is a big picture

The big sustainability picture is a very real thing to us. Companies need to be genuinely sustainable, in the full sense of the word, if they are to survive for the long term. This is more than just the product offering.

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