15 Reasons to Use AQURON 7000

AQURON 7000 for reinforced concrete

What is the AQURON 7000 system, and why should you use it on reinforced concrete?

AQURON 7000 system is a 2-step spray-applied penetrating corrosion protection treatment, that transforms free moisture in concrete to a hydrogel formation throughout the concrete matrix.

This is an amasing multi-benefit treatment for concrete, and here are some of the reasons for using it!

1 Eliminates moisture migrationthe transport system for corrosion
Free moisture in concrete carries the contaminants that instigate and feed steel corrosion.
AQURON treatment immobilises this moisture … and the contaminants!
2 Development of AAR-ASR, DEF & Sulphate Expansions are arrested
Immobilising the moisture starves processes such as Alkali Reactivity (AAR&ASR), Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF) & Sulphate
expansion that develop & damage reinforced concrete structures.
3 Limits the availability of Oxygenwhich is the fuel of corrosion
Oxygen is one of the contaminants which fuels corrosion, and is carried into the concrete by moisture and moisture vapour. Arrest the supply of moisture-borne Oxygen = Halt corrosion and incipient anode development.
4 Chloride ingress is preventedlong-term protection
Chlorides are a key contributor to the concrete degeneration process. Marine environments are particularly high in moisture-borne chlorides. Chloride ingress in new concrete is prevented by Aquron hydrogel & further ingress into existing concrete is eliminated.
5 Binds and purges existing chloridesthat aggravate corrosion
Chlorides are attracted into the Aquon hydrogel and are bound and or repositioned / purged. As a result there is no electrolyte available to assist the corrosion process.
This is an important point, and shows Aquron’s particular value for existing at-risk structures.
6 Increases Resistivity of concretedecreases galvanic activities
AQURON’s hydrogel state has virtually no conductivity & cannot support galvanic activities = HIGH RESISTIVITY.
7 Increases Steel Surface Passivationadding resistance to corrosion
Steel Surface passivation is increased by the corrosion inhibitor component of the AQURON 7000 Treatment which consistently penetrates through the concrete to arrest corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel. Protects embedded steel in new concrete and arrests corrosion of existing deteriorated reinforced concrete structures.
8 Enhances Concrete Strengthenhances hydration in new concrete
AQURON hydrogel ensures new concrete completely hydrates, and reignites the hydration process of any unreacted cement in aged existing structures.
9 Overcomes Incipient Anode Formationpreventing costly remedials
Concrete repairs and patching may often be followed by rapid deterioration of neighbouring concrete, caused by a process called Incipient Anode Formation.
Incipient Anode Formation is dependent on free moisture, oxygen availability and conductivity within the concrete. AQURON TREATMENT eliminates these factors.
10 Prevents Carbonation protects the concrete surface
AQURON hydrogel eliminates the damage from gases such as carbon dioxide which dissolve to form corrosive acidic conditions within the concrete matrix.
11 Waterborne solution and 100% VOC FreeAquron is a more environmentally friendly option for protecting concrete structures, compared to solvent based products. AQURON treatments are environmentally neutral enabling their safe use in sensitive zones.
12 Proven25 Year Track Record
Proven to provide long-term protection on wharves, seawalls, bridges and structures exposed to chlorides from seawater and sea spray. AQURON has also been proven to efficiently protect car park structures against de-icing salt brines which are much more concentrated than seawater.
Ask us about key case studies…
13 Extends durability of reinforced concrete structuresunique answer to protect concrete assets
Extends the durability and service life of concrete structures.
Let’s talk about pro-active maintenance for long-term cost saving..
14 Achieves economic savingsadds life value to high cost concrete assets
All of these factors mean that Aquron is a maintenance cost which ideally applied early, before remedials become essential. Net Present Value (NPV) projections comparing Aquron vs repetitive remedials show significant cost/benefits of the early expenditure of applying AQURON 7000 System.
15 Warranted performanceMarkham stands behind long-term project-specific guarantees.


Sounds interesting?  AQURON 7000 is an amazing system, and ideal as part of your proactive maintenance protection for concrete infrastructure.


Be a proactive maintenance asset manager … DO IT NOW.


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