Fast-Track Construction in the Education Sector

Let's not delay the path to learning!

We’ve all noticed how construction schedules in all sectors are getting tighter.

In this 2-minute read, we’d like to focus on the education sector, and how MARKHAM can play a part in minimizing scheduling time.

Strict deadlines

By their nature, the construction of schools is a particularly rigid process, often focused around readiness for an upcoming school year. Besides this, being either government-run or subject to highly scrutinized private budgets – timeframes are always paramount.

Saving concrete time

You know MARKHAM is all about adding life to concrete. And that’s where we can save your team time, and money too!

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1. Under the floor coverings

There’s a very real-time delay if you’re applying direct-stick floor coverings to the slabs: waiting for the concrete to dry. That’s dry, not just cure. Did you know that concrete slabs dry at the rate of 25mm depth per month? That’s from the last time it was wet, not from when it was poured.

What frequently happens is that high moisture readings are taken immediately prior to floor coverings being applied, and a moisture barrier is required – which hadn’t been included in the initial budget.

Why not meet it upfront? AQURON 2000 is the answer to this quandary.

  • Binds internal concrete moisture into a hydrogel, eliminating flooring moisture issues.
  • Applied early, AQURON 2000 can replace the curing compound or water curing process, saving even more time and money.
  • AQURON 2000 is permanent, sealing and hardening the slab to a depth of 145mm or more.

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2. Car park floors

Thinking of applying a topical sealer to concrete car parks, at the end of construction? We can save you time here too.
Apply AQURON 1000 deep penetrating sealer, at time of pour.

  • A single application, replacing curing compounds or water curing process.
  • Deep penetrating sealer – anti-dust hardening to a depth of 145mm or more.
  • Never needs re-application!
  • Does not cause tyre squeal!

Replace multiple products, multiple application processes, and multiple delays!

AQURON concrete treatments use genuine hydrogel technology, are nil VOC and safe for the environment, and never need re-application.

And in passing, we’d like to mention our AQURON holistic concrete waterproofing systems – ideal for basements or exposed concrete roofs.

Hope this article has been educational for you!
We’re keen to hear from you about your specific project needs – why not get in touch?

Header photo by Changbok Ko on Unsplash
Classroom photo by Mega Peach on Unsplash
Liberty University photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash

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