Death of the Wet Wall Basement?

So what's the problem here?

Death of the Wet Wall Basement?
22 September 2020 Posted in ,

What is a wet wall basement?

As you’re probably aware, “wet wall” basements are designed on the basis that water is a managed part of the structure’s system. Wet wall basements, or just “wet basements”, use a subsurface drainage collection system on the outside of the wall to collect groundwater and relieve hydrostatic pressures. This is usually collected into purpose-built pits and pumped away.
This is in contrast with the more commonly used “tanked” or “dry” basement, which is constructed to be sealed and waterproof from the outset.

So what’s the problem?

The issue with wet wall basements is, where will the water go?
Increasingly, local government authorities are objecting to such water being pumped into the local stormwater system, i.e. the street gutters and drainage. This practice risks overloading the system during a storm. The same is true if the water is pumped into the sewage system.
It is possible in some instances to inject the water back into the water table. However, this is dependent on the composition of the local soil; besides may risk subsidence in neighbouring properties.
What’s more, water moving through the concrete is feeding deterioration. Moisture-borne contaminants are the primary cause of premature concrete breakdown. If the concrete itself is not made waterproof, the integrity of the whole structure is under threat.
All in all, although a wet wall basement may be cheaper to construct, it is problematic to own.

Basement - photo by Adrià Jiménez on Unsplash
Photo by Adrià Jiménez on Unsplash

So – what is the solution?

There is a better solution.
It is possible to waterproof the concrete itself, and a full warranted 3-part system already exists.

Waterproofing system diagram


  • AQURON 300 hydrogel admixture within the concrete.
  • AQURON 2000 spray-applied hydrogel treatment to the outer surface.
  • CONQOR 47B delayed swell waterstop gasket for joints and penetrations.

Our holistic, multi-part concrete waterproofing system offers an advanced alternative to membranes in a wide range of situations. The system is safe, quick, easy, helps your schedule management, and is managed through a single service provider.

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