The Challenge of Remote Locations

What is the impact on a construction project?

Working with our clients in regional Australasia, we’ve realised what a challenge remote locations can be.

So what is the issue, really?

What is the impact on a construction project?

For starters, when a project is well outside a major metropolitan area, away from your usual hub or suppliers, transport costs become a significant factor. And of course it’s all the more important to despatch correct materials the first time – there is reduced margin for error.

Second, there’s the people factor. Will your team be accommodated in the area? Will project supervision be reduced? Will you need local labour?

Concrete, in this context

And then there is a question of materials – and this is where we’d like to talk about the concrete.

Concrete mix can’t be transported long distances, and it’s not usually economical to cart the aggregate and sand either. Hence these are frequently sourced locally.

For remote regional areas, this typically means your choices are reduced, and hence your control over the quality of the supply.

Will the quality of the finished structure be affected?

How can we help?

MARKHAM would like to help in any way possible.

We’ve provided services from Kambalda to Geraldton to Mount Isa and we understand the challenges involved. And while we’re at it, there have been a few sites in New Zealand well off the beaten track too!

We can offer concrete admixtures which negate the risks of ASR and other issues caused by contaminated aggregates.

We have answers to the challenge of extreme and exposed ambient conditions.

And we can provide holistic waterproofing and durability treatments, to minimise the maintenance costs of the structure for the long term.

We’re up for a challenge!

If you’re faced with a concrete challenge, whether it’s in Sydney CBD or the back of Bourke, we’re keen to hear from you!

Get in touch today!

Header photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

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