Steel & Tube Warehouse Hamilton


Hamilton, Waikato


New Zealand

Project Type:


Project Scale:

5,001 – 10,000 m²

The Steel & Tube Warehouse in Hamilton, NZ, was given long-term wear-surface protection for the exposed concrete floor slabs. Smooth concrete floors under high amounts of traffic wear down quickly, so this treatment was ideal for providing low-maintenance floor slabs for the factory.

AQURON 1000 achieves full curing of the concrete slab, as well as anti-dust sealing, and long-term durability that can’t be worn off. The treatment actually penetrates to 150mm deep, and doesn’t affect the compatibility of the surface to future coatings. As such, it does not need grinding off for paints to be applied.

The treatment is part of the SLAB-TECT System, a packaged approach of supplying and applying a lasting durability sealer according to the specific needs of the project.

Concrete Products & Solutions used.

These related products and concrete solutions were used to protect the concrete of this project.

AQURON 1000 - Sustainable Concrete Sealer
Complete Commercial Floor Slab Protection | SLAB-TECT

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