Concrete Hardener & Antidusting - Penetrating hydrogel & silicate spray on treatments

Concrete Hardener & Antidusting


We offer complete range of spray on concrete hardener and anti-dusting treatments in New Zealand, Australia & United Kingdom (UK)

Concrete hardener and concrete anti-dusting treatments is an area MARKHAM GLOBAL specialises to help concrete achieve long-term durability. MARKHAM GLOBAL supplies the full range of the AQURON penetrating concrete hardener, concrete waterproofing and concrete curing in one treatment. MARKHAM also have a full range of Sodium silicates and lithium concrete hardeningfor floors & precast walls.

The difference between the AQURON Penetrating concrete hardener is that it provides a curing and hardening combination two in one application product compared to Sodium Silicate and the Lithium Silicate concrete hardener that are surface hardener only. Lithium Silicate version does not require to be scrubbed following the application.

Concrete hardening is required to extend durability of warehouse floors, distribution centres and bulk retails concrete. Application as soon as possible after concrete pouring provides the ultimate result. For more information on these products, or for questions and technical support, call the New Zealand MARKHAM team on 0800 693 694 for expert project and product advice. Our team will assist you in finding the ideal concrete hardener for your application


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We understand that choosing the correct solution and type of product is essential for the success of any project. Markham has a technical support team with many years of concrete industry experience and successful project applications and we are ready to help you find the right solution for your application.

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