SLAB-TECT – Commercial Floor Slab Protection

SLAB-TECT™ is a MARKHAM designed and installed system for commercial concrete slabs – Focused on achieving maximum service life.

No need to rely on time-consuming processes and multi-trade installations.

Complete, effective and quality treatments from day one to ensure an optimum slab, a long-lasting performance and a finish you can trust.



SLAB-TECT™ is a systematic approach to concrete slab curing and sealing. Combining the benefits of MARKHAM’s colloidal silica hydrogel treatments with advanced knowledge of concrete and construction, this is a holistic approach to curing your slab, sealing your slab and enhancing your slab, compiled into a single readily specifiable package. Equally suitable for warehouses, factories, retail outlets, storage units, and data centres.

Key benefits

The SLAB-TECT system is easy to select and specify. Combined with MARKHAM’s supply-and-apply service, quality assurance system, and performance-based project warranty, SLAB-TECT is hassle-free for all concerned.

Specifiers can be sure they will achieve the desired result. There is minimal disruption for construction teams. And the long-term quality and durability of the floor will stand the test of time for the asset owner.

Flexible options

Suits all slab designs and building methods, ensuring consistency across your projects.

By replacing three other treatments, our penetrating hydrogel will significantly reduce costs. And by being a single-application treatment, trafficable within an hour after application, we can dramatically reduce the impact on construction time.

- Replace the curing compound or water curing process, with a single-pass treatment!
- Replace the dust control and surface hardener, with a treatment that works to a depth of 150mm and lasts the life of the concrete!
- Replace the surface sealer, with a penetrating porosity sealer that never wears off and never needs to be reapplied!


SLAB-TECT is cost-effective both at the construction stage and in the long term.

At the construction stage, the system offers minimal disruption, high quality curing – and application is part of the quoted price. No doubts about labour costs, or unexpected delays.

For the asset owner, SLAB-TECT helps minimise ongoing maintenance – proactive protection, with enhanced abrasion resistance and deep anti-dust hardening!


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