Shriieek! Screeech!

Aah... the sound of car tyres on a coated concrete floor!

If you’ve driven into a multi-level car park recently you’ve probably heard the shriek of your vehicle and others, as the tyres rubbed on the coated floor.
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It’s a sad fact that car park floor coatings are generally noisy. Topical coatings, and the friction they generate under car tyres, are a prime culprit. Moisture brought in during wet weather can worsen the problem.

Because of the extent of this noise, many new apartment blocks now include noise control in the car park, as part of the overall acoustic requirements.


So… what’s the solution?

What you need is a penetrating sealer, that leaves no membrane or film on the surface. The concrete’s natural surface texture will not in itself contribute to tyre squeal, if not deliberately polished. AQURON 1000 hydrogel works its way deep into the concrete, sealing, hardening, and preventing concrete dusting.

And there’s more!

  • If you apply AQURON 1000 at time of pour, it can replace the curing compound or water curing process, and does not need to be removed later in the project.
  • AQURON 1000 will not alter the surface texture, but it will harden and preserve it. This means if you apply a broom finish for slip resistance, the texture will be preserved against traffic wear for the long term.

It’s simple – specify AQURON 1000 against car park floor noise.

And get a bunch of cost-saving benefits along the way!

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Final food for thought: How long do concrete sealers last?
Most topical sealers should be recoated every 3-5 years.
AQURON 1000 is permanent, deep within the concrete porosity.

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