AQURON 300 – Admixture for Concrete Waterproofing Protection

AQURON 300 concrete protection additive for waterproofing concrete, while providing internal corrosion protection, and making stronger concrete , with reduced shrinkage for concrete slabs, concrete pools, concrete basements, infrastructure.

Integral Waterproofing - water borne solution with nil solvent, VOC's or carcinogenic ingredients.

Reduces shrinkage, while maintaining early and ultimate compressive, flexural and tensile strengths.


Concrete Protection Admix

AQURON 300 concrete protection hydrogel admix effectively increases the production of silicate hydrates and enhances the qualities of calcium hydrates during hydration process, and forms AQURON hydrogel formation within the concrete mix.

AQURON 300 is mixed into the concrete mix water at the readymix batch plant at the beginning of the concrete mix. Dosage rate is 6.5ml per kg of cement (approx 2L per m3). Being a water borne solution with nil solvent, VOC's or carcinogenic ingredients, makes AQURON 300 easy and safe to use.

Key benefits
Integral Waterproofing Admix

All “free moisture” is held in the unique AQURON hydrogel formation, this entirely prevents free migration of moisture & ingress of detrimental contaminations into concrete.

Enhances strength and reduces shrinkage

AQURON 300 additive reduces shrinkage and slabcurl to a minimum, while improving density, anti-dusting, and surface hardness. Cement particles are more effectively “saturated” by the AQURON 300 mix water and this subsequently increases the quantity of hydration products per cement particle, optimising achieved strengths, and contributing to a significant drying shrinkage compensation.Reducing drying shrinkage (and consequently slab curl etc.) is a key to eliminating cracking.

Workability Enhancement

Adding AQURON 300 additive waterproofing for concrete produces an outstandingly mobile, homogeneous and easy concrete to handle, making placing and finishing faster with no other admixtures required. AQURON 300 has proven ideal for long transit times to remote pour locations.


Our product in use


The Glen Shopping Centre

The Glen Shopping Centre


We were pleased to be part of this project and see it through to completion.


Ravensdown Mata

Ravensdown Mata

Whangarei, New Zealand

Back in 2012 AQURON colloidal silica hydrogel concrete durability and waterproofing treatment was used in the mix at Ravensdown Mata (Whangarei) to protect against the effects of harsh fertilizer, and to increase durability for heavy machinery use.


Len Lye Centre

Len Lye Centre

New Plymouth, New Zealand

Our AQURON 300 admixture was utilised within the concrete to ensure internal corrosion protection and preservation of the structures, extending the life of the concrete for many years to come.


Summerset Casebrook

Summerset Casebrook

Christchurch,New Zealand

AQURON 300 admixture was incorporated into the concrete at the time of pour to create a superior workable concrete with curing enhancement and internal waterproofing benefits.


Kepa Road Apartments

Kepa Road Apartments

Auckland,New Zealand

The Buchan Group specified Aquron 300 to the precast on the soon to be constructed Kepa Road Apartments, to retain the natural aesthetics of the precast concrete, a significant feature in this development.


Napier's wastewater treatment plant

Napier's wastewater treatment plant

Napier,New Zealand

These concrete tanks have to withstand some rather harsh and *ahem* shitty conditions, so Aquron 300 was mixed and poured within the cement to provide a concrete that can protect itself from corrosion.

Case studies

AQURON 300 at work

AQURON 300 Concrete waterproofing additive has been proven in Australasia over the last 20 years, including large concrete slabs, concrete pools, concrete basements, infrastructure, and marine concrete.

Swmming Pool & Basements

Waterproofing internally in concrete precast panels along with Superswell Gaskets in joints

Carpark Decks

Waterproofing internally in concrete poured insitu, and to reduce risks of cracking to minimum


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Downloadable product information, technical data sheets, MSDS and architectural specifications.


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AQURON 300 added at batching plant
to provide integral waterproofing
NIL VOC for Overall Greenstar Building
Refer spec 3129A

AQURON 300 Admixture
added at batching plant to provide
integral waterproofing & durability
NIL VOC for Overall Greenstar Building
Refer spec 3129A



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